pdf : Call_NPL-Aphasia-2012_EN


The submission guidelines are as follows:

Abstracts (600 words) should be submitted electronically
before 31 December 2011 20 January 2012(extended deadline).

To submit your abstract, please use the on-line form available here:

Instructions to use the online submission form:

  1. create an account as an author (click on “sign up for an account”; please note : confirm your account request by e-mail, then fill the form and choose a user name and password, do not forget them!)
  2. connect with your user name and password, fill the form with all requested information (names, affiliations, contact, corresponding author, etc.)
  3. field “Title” : type the title of your abstract (English or French)
  4. field “Abstract” : copy/past or type your abstract directly (max. 600 words: theoretical framework / goals, hypotheses, method, results, discussion and references); specify the caption for a table, a figure or other data if any; the bibliography should be formatted in the APA5th style (see the Publication Manual of the APA, 5th ed.)
  5. then, tick the box corresponding to the appropriate type of presentation preferred:
    Category” : talk, poster, no preference
    Group” : regular session, workshop session, no preference
  6. field “Keywords” : indicate 3 to 5 keywords (one per line)
  7. Topics” : if you have chosen a workshop session, indicate the special focus (1, 2, 3 and/or 4), or no preference
  8. Upload paper“: important: in this section, please upload your paper in .doc or .docx format, then tick the box “Abstract only” (meaning that the paper is only an abstract, and not a full paper)
  9. Paper“: upload your abstract without any personal information (anonymous) -> select your abstract in your computer files, and  upload it (.doc or .docx format accepted, with the title, the abstract, the supplementary material caption if any and the bibliography)
  10. Attachment“: you can also add only one supplementary pdf, doc, docx, or jpeg file (light !) attached to your abstract (to show data, a table or a figure, the caption should have been specified at the end of the abstract)
  11. remind you can use the “Help” menu for details about the submission procedure
  12. check your submission form very carefully, then press the “Submit” button
  13. you can withdraw or change your abstract submission by connecting to the form with your user name and password

If you have any problem or question regarding the on-line submission procedure, please contact us: